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Is Body yogurt a new obsession?

by TopSearch Marketing 07 Aug 2023
body yogurt

You would have definitely heard about body yogurts by now since it is all over the skincare town. If not, then we are here to tell you why?

When asked, out of 65% of people who follow a skincare routine daily, most of them prefer using lightweight skin products. While there are tons of products and serums in the market for our facial skin but what about the rest of the body? To make your body equally nourished skin experts have introduced gel-based cream which is inspired by the qualities of original curd that is considered to have deep and long-lasting moisture. Hence body yogurt is a lightweight moisturizer that consists of hyaluronic acid, which makes your body feel moisturized throughout the day using a gentle layer. 

Get the Benefits Of Rich Components In Yogurt Instantly! 

Yogurt has the natural power of healing dry skin and is also proven to give a fresh glow to skin in the meantime. And just like we mentioned above how body yogurt is inspired by the properties of yogurt/curd, it has more benefits than just moisturizing. 

It Provides a Natural Glow 

Yogurt is initially used to lighten the skin, while body yogurt focuses on protecting skin from pollution and maintain your even skin tone, which makes you glow naturally. 

It Completely Heals Rough Patches

When it comes to healing rough patches, one who is suffering knows how difficult it is and how consistent efforts are needed especially during cold weather. One of the great body yogurt benefits is that it moisturizes deeply and repairs dry skin in very few applications. 

It Increases Skin Elasticity 

One of the best body yogurt benefits are, that it improves skin texture by providing all the minerals and vitamins which your skin needs and it results into better elasticity and reduces skin aging. 

It Soothes Skin

Yogurt is known for its natural cooling qualities, and so does Body yogurt. People with skin conditions find body yogurt soulful as it has gel-based creamy texture and healing ingredients that help skin feel relaxed. 

Why Should You Ditch Regular Moisturizer And Use Body Yogurt Instead? 

People often get confused between regular moisturizer creams and body yogurts. Both of these share similarity in only one thing, that it aims to provide moisture to skin. When compared, body yogurts are much more effective and preferable. And now the question is how? 

• Consistency 

Regular moisturizers have liquid-like consistency, whereas body yogurt has gel-based texture, which provides instant cooling and spreads evenly. 

• Absorbance  

Body yogurts are meant to be applied on damp skin and within 15 seconds your skin will absorb every drop of it. As for other regular moisturizers, it’s time taking and sometimes our skin tends to feel a little greasy. 

• Seasonal use 

Since we all are living in an era of uncertain weather, thanks to global warming ugh! Regular moisturizers come with creams that are supposed to be used during a specific season, which means your buy-one-get-one-free product will be stored for a whole year now! Unlikely with body yogurts which are effective in every seasonal condition, you can stick to a single product and take advantage of offer deals without being hesitant, wink! 

Fortunately, our body requires very little care compared to facial skin, so why not do it correctly? We have listed down some of the best body yogurt products by Natural Splash.




This body yogurt by natural splash is a blended mixture of hibiscus extract and sea buckthorn oil, which is also known as the holy fruit of the Himalayas. These are rich in antioxidants and anti-aging properties and help your skin to repair rapidly while restoring its elasticity. 


Avocado body yogurt is renowned for its nourishing powers. It helps to create a secure shield for the skin and protects it from dust and pollution while leaving your skin soft and supple. Natural Splash provides the best body yogurt for dry skin and comes in varied flavors. You can check it out on the link given below. 

If we tell you there are even more benefits of using body yogurt by natural splash, will you believe us? You won’t unless we tell you. 

  • Body yogurt provides SPF protection.
  • Products are cruelty-free.
  • It Smells heavenly.
  • It Heals skin damage.
  • It Reduces skin aging. 

We have listed down some of the common questions people ask regarding the use of body yogurt. 

• What is body yogurt?

Body yogurt is gel-like cream inspired by the qualities we get from using curd/yogurt. A rich solution that protects our skin from pollution and provides deep nourishment. Body yogurts are made using various floral and fruit extracts with hyaluronic acid to repair skin damage due to dryness. 

• How to use body yogurt?

You can apply body yogurt directly after a shower on damp skin. It's lightweight and has great absorbency powers, your skin soaks it in a few seconds without feeling greasy. 

• Is body yogurt vegan?

It’s great news for all vegans here, as this is only yogurt inspired. There is no use of milk or any other animal-based product.  

• Can we use body yogurt on the face? 

Of course, Body yogurt is suitable for both facial and body skin since it contains water-based ingredients. It penetrates deep into the skin easily, providing sufficient nourishment for your skin.



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