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Organic Soap: For Naturally Nourished Skin

by TopSearch Marketing 23 Aug 2023
Organic Soap

An Organic soap, with its name one can already guess it's made using natural products. But exactly, what does organic soap mean? And how its made using natural products? whether it's a trustable product for your skin or not, you must be having so many questions, when buying an organic soap. we are here to resolve all your queries about organic skincare, and you won't have second thoughts while putting these natural organic soaps in your shopping trolley in the coming time. 

All the soaps made using natural ingredients are ‘organic’. Well if you have this definition in your head, it's half complete. So let us first know what are these natural ingredients and to what point these are organic. 

What Are The Ingredients Used In Hand-made Organic Soap?

Brands keep using the term Natural Ingredients, but what and how are these natural? Soaps, whether made at home or factory, it goes through the same heating process, so what difference do organic soaps make? Basically while making natural soap, Ingredients are derived from plants, primarily anti-bacterial plants like basil, neem, turmeric, and more. All the dry leaves of these anti-bacterial plants go through an imperative steam distillation process, By which all the benefits of these plants are shifted into oil form, this is the process that makes the actual difference. To make organic soaps form a shape and soluble, lye also known as sodium hydroxide in traditional terms is used in a small amount.

Overall it is considered safe for all skin types. The above ingredients are heated in a vessel and the reaction which is formed by mixing these liquids, is known as saponification.Lastly, the liquid is molded. And natural organic soap is ready to use. By understanding what goes through the process, one can buy organic soap without a doubt. Read below, to know the difference between handmade and factory-made soaps.

Difference Between Commercial And Organic Soap Making


Hand-Made Soap  

Factory-Made Soap

Hand-made organic soaps are quality-based soaps, these soaps are made in small batches with botanically extracted ingredients.

Factory-made soaps are quantitative soaps, made in large containers, considered to compromise sanity.

Handmade soaps are costlier due to their high-quality essential oils.

Soaps available in the market are cheaper, as the chemicals used are nonexpensive. 

Color and fragrance are derived using plant-based essential oil.

These soaps get their color from synthetic dye, derived from coal tar or petroleum.

Natural soap is likely to expire within a year or a half, depending on the individual artisan. 

Chemical-based soap has paraben preservatives, resulting in long-lasting shelf life.

These soaps are good for nature as it's made from plant-based material, its doesn't pollute waterways, considered to be biodegradable 

These soaps have sulfate and other harmful chemicals, which causes danger to water living beings once released into the river.


Which Nature-Based Elements Are Used In Soap By Natural Splash

Above we discussed, how organic soaps are made using natural elements. Soaps by natural splash are made by combining various anti-bacterial plants to make your skin glow and moisturized naturally. These soaps are made using plant-based essential oils, resulting in an earthy smell, and leaving you feeling nostalgic, remember using multani mitti bars in childhood? If you are into Indian Ayurveda and nature freak at the same time, these soaps are made for you. We are here to find you the best organic soap. Natural Splash provides both moisturizing and scrub bars in different flavors, Products from both categories are mentioned below.

Neem & Basil Antibacterial Soap

Neem and basil are renowned for their microbicidal qualities, this soap is made using powder of dry leaves derived from these plants. Each ingredient has its own unique quality, neem is widely used for its antiseptic and astringent properties. It helps to heal wounds. While basil which is also known as tulsi, it has anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial elements which help your skin to detoxify from harsh pollution. Adding turmeric makes this soap a blast combination. This is one of the best organic soap to heal skin problems like pimples and body acne. Turmeric helps in preventing pre-mature anti-aging, while Neem and basil soap nourishes deeply and protects your skin moisture.

Coffee Scrub Bar

You would have heard about the benefits of drinking coffee, but have you heard about the benefits of applying coffee to your skin? Before we tell you about its advantages, we must know that there is a difference between moisturizing bars and scrub bars. we discussed moisturizing bars above and now it's time we know a little about scrub bars. Scrub bars are used to exfoliate dead skin cells and coffee is a great exfoliator. Its rough texture and insoluble nature make it an exceptional nature-based scrub. Coffee helps to immune your skin to protect itself from UV rays and also know for its anti-aging properties. If you are suffering from swollen eyes in the morning, coffee consists of depuff qualities that help to depuff your swollen areas. Scrub bars are supposed to be applied gently, twice, or thrice a week is enough to remove all the dead skin cells from your body and shine naturally. If you have a dry skin type then, once a week is advised.


In this blog, we understood the meaning and making of organic soap, These soaps are made using plants derived essential oils which are beneficial for our skin in many ways. Secondly, we compared hand-made organic soap and factory-made chemical soaps. From that we learned, organic soaps might be costlier than factory-made, but it's not only extremely beneficial for our skin, it's also biodegradable and safe to drain through basins. The above-suggested products are two different bars, one with moisturizing properties and another with exfoliating properties by natural splash. These are truly organic soaps with genuine properties to help your skin fight all the pollution and glow naturally. In short, starting your skincare regime by using organic soap is a great step to improve skin quality, and it's a step you won’t regret initiating.


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